Best steamer for vintage clothing

     img14Daily worn clothes are easy to care for as the directions on the tag can be followed. In many cases it is a matter of placing these items into a washing machine after they have been color separated and following the specific directions. Even though vintage clothing will in most cases have fabric tags with wash directions it is most wise to make use of a steamer to save the fabric and ensure that no damage will be done to the material.

Vintage clothing collectors should seek the best steamer to safely clean vintage clothing. The first resource of two that can help on this matter is the vintage boutique where clothing was purchased. The second resource that can provide information on this is your local dry cleaner. Because each vintage piece is delicate and must be treated like treasure a dry cleaner would be able to provide information on how to extend care for such fashionable clothing.

An idea to consider when seeking out clothing steamers is look for the type that is affordable. Another tip is to read reviews about each item and compare them. Sometimes when comparing buyer reviews it can actually show which item works best on the material and what fashion garments will achieve the most care using hand steamers. One last thought is when checking reviews look at online reviews for specific items.


Why wear vintage clothing

Why wear vintage clothing is a popular question asked today because vintage clothing has been making a return not only in the professional world but in casual wear also. A larger question many consumers raise is how this type clothing can be used in the current wardrobe. Over the years so many changes have come about within the fashion world. Because of the yearly changes it can get quite expensive and very frustrating to constantly keep up. To grab a better handle on one’s wardrobe it could be most wise to determine the best look for the type of work being done day to day.


For example, if the work profession is technical or engineering a wardrobe look to consider is using the academic look of 1950’s or 1960’s.  Another example to consider, should the career be sales, consider something from 1950’s as the vintage clothing for men gave the impression they were ready to speak business. The wardrobe for women was simple yet professional which allowed women to speak their business minds and show off their skills and experience to others.

The great thing about wearing vintage clothing is it can create a new look for someone who is tired of wearing the same items every day. If you are tired of being known as the person who only wears khaki pants and polo shirts to workit is okay to get daring and find that new fashionable image you want to be recognized for. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of creativity and imagination combined together in order to make the new you shine.

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Men Vintage Clothing

Even though there are various styles of men’s vintage clothing on the market today what matters most to a man is not just what he wears. Men are fashion conscience in the choice of clothing worn and thrift smart on the amount of money spent. Because vintage men’s clothing has shown a trend return the vintage clothing area it can be worn from business to casual settings. Not only that a piece of vintage fashion can be combined with apparel more modern for an entirely new fresh look and personal appearance.


When using this combination try building ideas before settling. This combination idea will work when creating a business executive appearance with suit and tie. Sometimes new combination only takes a matter of finding a solid color business shirt then matching with a vintage fashion tie that compares with chosen color. Another optionis to seek a man’s vintage business shirt using a solid color tie look that will match the chosen business suit. There are multiple business clothing options available when creating a business suit. The key is to ensure colors are soft and will always work together for easy blending.

Whatever your choices are for colors know that everything takes time. Keep in mind it will take patience to find the desired vintage men’s shirt or vintage men’s tie that will match the chosen business suit.Lastly, pay attention that each piece of apparel looks well together and fitsthe body looselybefore purchasing. Apparel that fits loosely will in most cases ensure the consumer has a long time of wearing the item.

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Best vintage clothing London

London is not only the capital city of England it is also a beautiful location filled with many vintage clothing stores. Because of the large selection there will be something for every vintage clothing collector’s wardrobe. Researching into the vintage clothing atmosphere of London it has been discovered there are certain stores that meet the best vintage clothing in London. Here are three top vintage clothing stores in London:


  1. Blitz; located at 55-59 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JP.This store is quite large as the collection inside its doors contains not only vintage garments there are accessories, handbags, walking apparel, and even cooking items available to purchase. This store offers a variety of vintage wardrobe from denim to more cultural in the sense of kimonos. This store offers clothing to both men and women.
  2. Absolute Vintage; located at 15 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR. What makes this store so special is they actually have three locations within London because they are one of the best vintage clothing sellers. What makes the business stand out is not just their superb pricing on items but the type of vintage clothing provided to consumers. The selection of vintage clothing includes handbags, name-brand shoes, and an accessory collection that will always please the eye. They sell the best vintage clothing of London to both men and women.
  3. Beyond Retro; located at 110-112 Cheshire Street, London E2 6EJ. Beyond Retro is the type vintage clothing store that gives shoppers an experience of stepping back in time. The carefully chosen vintage clothing will allow the consumer to feel they can bring forward certain trends and make them their own. This store provides men and women the ability recreate their own personalized style from one of the best vintage clothing stores in London, England.

How to identify vintage clothing ?

Because vintage clothing is identified as a rare and unique garment in a specific era there are key notes that can be taken and used for the beginning vintage shopper who wishes to own vintage clothing garments in his or her wardrobe. Items to carefully pay attention to when shopping for vintage clothing are as listed:


  1. When viewing a piece of clothing the item should clearly state “made in the U.S.A.” right on the tag up front and not be hidden from view.
  2. A very important key that will help identify vintage garments is the manufacturer’s address. More importantly there will be no zip code shown as they were not created. Secondly, it is very highly to find the address showing the state of New York. Not all clothing was made within that state however the state is quite large and counties were quite high in population with clothing fabricators and manufacturers.
  3. The clothing will show one of the most specific material labels as it will have the type of material used to make the garment, the style number, the lot number, and the size of the garment.
  4. Vintage clothing has been made using the 1/2 size marker. For example, a woman’s size dress could be size 4 or size 4 ½.
  5. A vintage clothing care label should be attached to the garment; there may be cases where one is not found.
  6. The garment may also have a label showing the union that has created it.

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