How to identify vintage clothing ?

Because vintage clothing is identified as a rare and unique garment in a specific era there are key notes that can be taken and used for the beginning vintage shopper who wishes to own vintage clothing garments in his or her wardrobe. Items to carefully pay attention to when shopping for vintage clothing are as listed:


  1. When viewing a piece of clothing the item should clearly state “made in the U.S.A.” right on the tag up front and not be hidden from view.
  2. A very important key that will help identify vintage garments is the manufacturer’s address. More importantly there will be no zip code shown as they were not created. Secondly, it is very highly to find the address showing the state of New York. Not all clothing was made within that state however the state is quite large and counties were quite high in population with clothing fabricators and manufacturers.
  3. The clothing will show one of the most specific material labels as it will have the type of material used to make the garment, the style number, the lot number, and the size of the garment.
  4. Vintage clothing has been made using the 1/2 size marker. For example, a woman’s size dress could be size 4 or size 4 ½.
  5. A vintage clothing care label should be attached to the garment; there may be cases where one is not found.
  6. The garment may also have a label showing the union that has created it.

That is the beginner’s list on how to identify vintage clothing. Visit Firefly Vintage website and see what clothing and accessories are available today!


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